In the quest for a balanced life, I need to find the triggers that cause my life to be “unbalanced”. Today I concentrated on food. Why do I eat? I have spent the last 24 hours focusing on exactly this.

Here are the notes (starting from last night):

  • 9 PM – ate english muffin with peanut butter BORED
  • 1 AM – child 1 comes into our bed
  • 3 AM – child 2 comes into our bed
  • 6:45 AM wake up with both children
  • 7:30 AM coffee and english muffin with butter AND peanut butter TIRED/FUEL
  • 8 AM Have full day fitness training class so pack a healthy lunch and have great intention to only eat what I packed.
  • 9:00 Coffee (Starbucks, no snack = good start)
  • 10:00 Banana FUEL
  • 10:15 Larabar BORED (from sitting in class)
  • 12:15 Tofu Veggie Salad FUEL
  • 12:30 Carrot Cake and Coffee BORED/TIRED
  • busy all afternoon, no time to snack
  • 5:30 Stop to pick up tortillas for dinner and pick up gummy berries and brownie with no intention of telling anyone or sharing
  • 5:31 Eat 15 gummies while biking home BORED
  • 6:00 Arrive home to see child 2 has just woken up from long nap (note time)
  • 6:01 Eat 10 gummies FRUSTRATED
  • 6:15 Child 2 is whiny. Handful of gummies FRUSTRATED
  • 6:30 Dinner Panini Wrap FUEL
  • 7:30 Kids are throwing pillows, and are wired and husband is going out for the evening.
  • 7:31 Eat 10 more gummies FRUSTRATED
  • 7:35 Husband leaves. Finish gummies FRUSTRATED/TIRED
  • 7:40 Make Popcorn for kids, who are still wired and eat 1/2 bag FRUSTRATED
  • 8:00 Kids are throwing popcorn and pillows. Sneak out of room and eat brownie FRUSTRATED
  • 8:10 Stomach ache
  • 8:15 Kids still wired, throwing toys, no end in sight. Eat handful of cereal TIRED/FRUSTRATED
  • 8:30 Eat 3 yucky bailey’s chocolates TIRED/FRUSTRATED
  • 9:00 Kids asleep. Start writing. Now 9:41 PM. Still full. Stomach ache.

Future plan?

  • 10 PM Pre bed english muffin with peanut butter REWARD

OK. So by writing it down and reflecting, it is obvious to me what my triggers are:

  1. Frustration: Simply, instead of losing it on my kids/husband, I eat. I mask my frustration with food.
  2. Lack of sleep – It won’t make me eat more, just reach for more comfort items (such as butter on my toast)
  3. Boredom – This is a biggy. When I am bored, I reach for food. Simple.
  4. Reward – At the end of the day, I deserve a reward.
  5. Lack of water – If I don’t drink enough water I eat more.

This experiment was simple and effective. I now know what my triggers are.

So… if I sleep a lot, stay away from my kids and my husband, stay busy all day, and drink tons of water I should be fine.

That was easy.

About fitlikemia

Trying to live a balanced life to the extreme.
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3 Responses to Triggers

  1. Capital Mom says:

    I say yell at the kids. 🙂 And now I am going to go back to eat my pretzels. reward/I want to.

  2. uppercasek says:

    Great idea, I’ll get my list going too!

    Good luck!

  3. Lisa says:

    I can completely relate to this routine…. especially the buying treats with no intention of sharing and then sneaking off to eat them. When I talk to people about this behavior I usually find that others think it’s odd. I think though that many people are like this and are just not aware of it. It’s not until you actually try and stop eating junk food that you actually realize how dependent you are.

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