Spartan Race Chronicles – Week 1 – Day 2 – The Weather

People love to use the weather as an excuse not to exercise… It’s too cold, it’s too wet, it’s too hot. I totally understand that weather is a huge factor especially in the winter… but it’s not an excuse. Weather woes are unavoidable. Deal with it, hopefully with a smile on your face.

It snowed today in Ottawa so my workout was moved to a gym. Actually, I wasn’t going to count the classes I teach at the YMCA as part of my training plan… but I think that might be how I overtrain in the first place. Pretending that those classes are just a bonus, when in fact they are harder then most of my other training sessions.

Plyometrics and Body Weight Exercises. Day 2.

Warm up: 10 minutes
Meat and Potatoes of the workout?
Each round consists of 4 exercises. do each exercise with no breaks in between (so the total interval is 2 minutes). Do each round 3x (in a row with 30s to 60s rest between each 2 minute round).

Round 1
30s 4 one legged squats with hop switch
30s Squat Jacks
30 s Burpee (with 1 pushup and 2 spider knee ups)
30 s Mountain Climbers

Round 2
30 s Vertical Squat Jumps (i.e. basketball jump)
30 s Lateral shuffle (shuffle shuffle right/left)
30 s T pushups
30 s Plank Punches

Round 3
30 s 2x Plyo lunge + 2x hop squat (lunge/lunge/squat/squat)
30 s Skating
30 s 1-2-3 pushup
30 s Plank Leg kicks X12 each leg

Cool Down 5 minutes

O.K. So this might be a little confusing. But for those of you that actually want to try it, most of these exercises are “google-able”. If not, just ask and I will explain.
This workout is very hard to do on your own, at home, because it is exhausting… That is why I teach it in the class format. Walking away is much harder to do when surrounded by other people doing the same thing. That said, finishing this workout is quite rewarding.

Despite the snow, tomorrow’s workout is a trail run in Gatineau park. It will be wet, it will be muddy, but that’s the whole fun of it.

Lastly, clean eating day 1 was a success and although I passed by the scale, I did not step foot on it once.

Be good to yourselves. Don’t forget to breathe.

About fitlikemia

Trying to live a balanced life to the extreme.
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