Goal Setting: The Beast

After all the Spartan Chronicles and training I realized that I never talked about how the races went…

I wish I had trained more.

Is that what everyone says after a race? I think I could have done a lot better… And if I couldn’t have done better, at least I would have enjoyed the races more. Don’t get me wrong, running a 12km obstacle race is no little feat. In fact, after the race I was very proud of having finished in the time that I did. I was also happy that I ended the race with a smile on my face… but I was left wanting more. Can’t I ever be satisfied? No. And that’s ok. I like being left wanting more.

The Beast

20km obstacle course. Killington Vermont. End of September.

My new goal.

I have two months to train.

Once I complete this race I would have completed the Spartan Trifecta.

3 races. 3 distances.

I am not much of a long distance anything so this Beast will be the biggest fitness challenge of my life as of yet. I am confident that I will finish it. I might not be smiling crossing the finish line but it will get done.

Set a goal. Work toward goal. Complete goal. Wish for better results. Repeat.

Wow! I am really getting to know myself.


About fitlikemia

Trying to live a balanced life to the extreme.
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