Hey Ego! My body says “I told you so”

“All I can be is who I am right now; I can experience that and work with it. That’s all I can do. The rest is the dream of the ego. “- Charlotte J. Beck

Do you remember being a kid and wanting to do something that your parents told you not to because it is too (insert reason here)? Usually they are speaking out of experience, but you don’t listen to them and you do it anyways and it results in you (insert consequence here). Then they say “I told you so”.

I am the type of person who likes to learn from my experiences. As much as a people pleaser that I am, when I want to do something, I will do it. Even if someone tells me not too. This usually is something involving the use of my body either lifting something heavy, flipping in weird ways, or jumping off high places. The reason is two-fold. My love for adrenaline and my ego.

When I was young, or just younger this wasn’t much of a problem. I knew how to work my body, I knew the risks involved and I didn’t do anything stupid. I call it “controlled risk”. Most of the time, if I got hurt, it was easily recoverable. No harm, no foul, just fun. Just like to always push a little further then that comfort zone but never in the “stupid crazy” zone.

Controlled Risks

The funny thing is, as I get older, my body is giving me warnings like my parents used to do when I push it past it’s comfort zone.

“Maybe that weight is too heavy today, your legs are already tired”

“That just hurt your back a little, don’t do it again today”

“Just rest today, you’ve been going too hard”


As I get closer to my competition, or closer to the goals I have set for myself, I tend to ignore that little voice inside telling me to slow down.

Letting your Ego Win

I let my Ego win last Saturday. My first crossfit competition. I was so happy to be competing in the RX division. First competition, only 5 months of crossfit. Guess who was talking to me then?

“Keep up with your partner, don’t let him down”

“Make your team proud. Show them how strong you are”

“Pain is temporary. Your back will be fine. Just don’t quit”

“Don’t even think about your hands. Who cares as long as you get up on that bar”

Guess who won?

The Ego won and I haven’t been able to train for a week. I might be out for longer with a potential bulging disk in my back. MY SPINE.

My body was SCREAMING for me to stop but I didn’t listen. Guess what she is saying to me now?


Lesson Learned.

P.S. If you read this and you feel the same way please refrain from telling me that I train too hard and YOU told me so. Once the pain goes away, I will be back, training like an animal… but I will be a little smarter because I have learned from this experience. Remember, no matter what you tell me, I will not listen, I will learn by making my own mistakes. Thanks.

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Trying to live a balanced life to the extreme.
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2 Responses to Hey Ego! My body says “I told you so”

  1. Manon says:

    I love reading you Mia.. I recognize myself in so many ways. I had train hard for years until my injuries got so bad that the doc told me if I kept going it would be a wheelchair .. 3 cervical hernia and 2 lumbar hernia. pitch nerves don’t help today .. but I know, like you, that I will be back on the training field again .. I had let myself go far with the news of the doc. Probably one of the worst news I ever had.. but know I realize that training is also a life saver. I feel good and proud of myself after a hard training .. so I say I will be back shortly on the training course (after pregnancy) I hope that I will learn to respect my limit this time .. but I am not convince as I need that adrenaline rush.
    Thanks again for all your articles. They are very inspiring.

    • fitlikemia says:

      It is amazing what harm we can do to our bodies when we are trying to “get healthy”. We need to slow it down and think about what it is we are trying to accomplish. I am so happy that you are inspired and hope that once you are ready to go, you will be kind to your body and try to be the best you can be. One day at a time… baby first.
      Good luck with it all!

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