The Lesson


This week I attended the first ever Masters of Movement week at the Academy of Lions in Toronto. This week was organized by Shawn and Sara Clare from Agatsu and consisted of different workshops with amazing high level coaches. From handstands and parcour to Olympic lifting, Kettlebells and running. We learned skills & drills for our own practice and proper technique to use when performing the skills and when teaching others.

The skills and techniques we learned were great, but my greatest lesson was something different. On day two of the event, before he began to coach, coach and Olympic medalist, Alex Varbanov gave a little speech about discipline.

“You need discipline for listen, discipline for focus, discipline for time”

Every time he lifted the barbell, no matter how much weight was on it, he always took the time to focus, and concentrate on what he was doing. A snatch with the bar looked the same as a snatch for an Olympic medal.

Listen. Focus. Concentrate. Time.

Nothing great comes easily. It takes time. It takes practice. It takes lots of mistakes.

“Don’t be scared to make mistakes. This is how you learn, by making and fixing your mistakes.”

Throughout the week the theme continued.

We live in a society that looks for quick fixes. If we want information we go look it up on the internet… or instantly on our phone. We no longer have to go to the library and get an encyclopedia. When we want to talk to someone we text or chat, rather then writing and sending letters in the mail, or calling on the phone.


The world has changed drastically in my lifetime but some things will never change. If you want to get stronger, if you want to make a real change, their is no quick fix. It takes time and patience, as well as concentration and more then anything, FOCUS.

Focus on your goals, make a plan on how to get there. If you don’t know how, hire a coach, a trainer, a nutritionist to show you how. Have patience, work hard, stay focused and it will come. It will take patience as it won’t come fast, but it will come. The more you focus on your goal, the faster it will be. But once you get “there”, wherever that is, remember that you always have further to go. Never quite getting “there”. There will always be someone that will show you that there is more to attain. Someone stronger/faster/better at a skill then you.

You will also make mistakes, or fall off the wagon, but keep your goals in mind and keep focusing on them, learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward, mindfully, thoughtfully and with patience.

Believe in yourself. Believe that you will get there. Sometimes we fail so many times we stop believing. We are scared to fail again. But what is the alternative? Get up, dust yourself off from your past mistakes, start where you are and move towards you want to be.

You can do anything you set your mind to if you believe, and work towards that goal with patience, concentration and focus.

Make sure you like what you are doing. If you HATE it, you will not continue to do it. Find something you love, or at least don’t hate, and practice at getting better at it.

I know I have a lot to work on. I have come so far, but have so far to go. I know my biggest obstacle is myself. Believing in myself. Trusting my own instincts. But from this day forward I will be mindful and work to trust my own wings… and learn to fly.

Good thing is I am taking you on that journey with this blog. You can follow along with your own goals and see where it takes us.

This is a beautiful life. We should not waste another minute.

No more hesitation. Now let’s go and make some mistakes.




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Trying to live a balanced life to the extreme.
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