I Believe

Have you ever wanted something but didn’t believe you could do it? Have you ever told yourself “I really want to (insert wish here) but I’ll never be able to do that”. Have you ever thought you were too weak, or not disciplined enough, or not smart enough or not brave enough?

I have.

I have always told myself I wanted to eat clean but I never thought I could do it. Keep track of my budget? No way. Be my own boss. Never.

I didn’t believe.

I had a laundry list of reasons why I would fail. I am not disciplined enough. If I am too healthy I will die. Life is too short. I will be boring if I stop drinking. Yada yada yada.

Well the time has come to prove myself wrong. And I will. Because I believe. I have to. If I slip, I will get back on track. I will not beat myself up. I will not back down. Because the pleasure of achieving is great, and the pain of failing is excruciating.

And failure is not an option… when you believe.

About fitlikemia

Trying to live a balanced life to the extreme.
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