Food as a drug

I am now convinced. Food can change your life. Big time. I am 22 days into a sugar free, complex carb free, dairy free diet and I feel like I’m on a happy drug. I wake up in the morning happy. Not just happy… lifted. No cake, no bread, no cheese, and no booze (well… I can argue that) have made me feel this lifted. Nothing else has changed in my life. Just the food I eat.

I have increased strength and PR’d my lifts. I wake up without an alarm. I don’t yell at my kids as much. I am productive (but it hasn’t helped with my chronic procrastinating).

Last weekend caved on the diet because I was “bored” and “lazy”. Ate pizza, and drank some beer. Consequences?

Lethargic, depressed, anxious, angry, short tempered, exhausted and weak at the gym 3 days after.

I truly believe that your diet will affect not only your waistline and your body composition but also your mental health and wellness.

A little more then 2 years ago I was on anti-depressant medication for major depression, suffered from chronic pneumonia and had major bouts of anxiety. I still notice that the days following drinking or bad eating I get anxious and depressed but if I stay on my clean diet I can avoid this pain.

I control my body by controlling what I put in my mouth. People make comments and or scrutize me for being too strict. Too extreme. “Life is too short not to eat (insert food item or alcoholic beverage here)”. This is something that I used to say to myself… and let me tell you…

I have no “rules”. I eat what I want. I choose the right food. I am not feeling deprived. Life is too short to make myself feel shitty by eating bad food.

I daily make the choice of making my food a drug that lifts my mood and makes me happy, then one that makes me feel depressed and anxious.

Don’t knock it until you try it. It may not be for you. You might feel fine the way you are living… however, if you are feeling depressed, or anxious or are having other medical issues, you should look first at the food you are feeding your body, before popping pills to fix your ailments.

This is my opinion from my life experiences… I just thought I would share.


About fitlikemia

Trying to live a balanced life to the extreme.
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2 Responses to Food as a drug

  1. I once read a quote : every food you put into your body either improves your health or causes damage…. Something like that. Every choice has consequences. Congrats Mia, I hope you continue to feel great.

    • fitlikemia says:

      Thanks Julie. It is so great to feel great. Today is a good day… and you never know what tomorrow brings. Those are some great quotes. keep up all your running and gymnastics!!!!

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