Why Crossfit isn’t for you.

I recently read a post about marriage that people have been sharing on facebook. It was entitled “Why marriage isn’t for you”  and was posted or shared by all of my “happily” married friends. I will not get started on my opinion of this article, but I decided to write my own about Crossfit. It will probably offend some people as the marriage article did for me (as a happily divorced selfish person).

Reason’s why crossfit isn’t for you.

1. You are a scardy cat.

You think you need to be super fit to enter a crossfit gym. You think that when you walk into the gym you will be attacked by a bunch of hard bodied shirtless guys and girls and they will laugh at how “weak” you are.


Sometimes I want to take pictures of my crossfit classes to prove that this is untrue. I have trained with every age and every body type on the planet. They all made it through the workout and guess what… they came back for more and are getting fitter and fitter every day. Strong or weak, fit or unfit, fat or skinny… everyone can do it.

2. It is too expensive.

You’re right. It is more expensive then your regular gym membership… but paying 50$/month to a gym you do not go to is a pretty big waste of money.


We all need a little motivation to get to the gym… and then when we get there… we need a little motivation to get through the workouts. As for crossfit you pay for a trainer to be there to push you EVERY TIME YOU GO. No excuses. You work hard every time. You also train with a bunch of people who help to motivate you and push you harder then you would if you were on your own… I guess you pay for what you get.

3. You have a sore/bad (insert body part here)

You are limited in the things you can do. You can’t squat past 90 degrees. Your lower back is in chronic pain. Your knees are constantly sore. Doing crossfit would be too hard on my “problem areas”.


A big part of crossfit is about joint mobilization, stretching and increasing range of motion as well as increased strength, stamina, etc.  The coach will not make you do anything that will hurt your already hurt parts but will help to heal them by working on your weaknesses. Increasing flexibility, increasing strength… I have worked with many people who have chronic lower back pain (including myself) who have gotten a lot of relief by increasing their core strength doing exercises that they thought would “hurt” them. By working on your weaknesses you will gain strength like you never thought you could.

4. You are too old.

You are never too old for anything. That is the oldest excuse in the book.

5. You are happy just the way you are.

If that is the case, pat yourself on the back. You are one of the lucky ones. I wish I could say the same. I am a personal trainer and I need someone to push me in the gym.

Truth about both #4 and 5

I am stronger at 37 then I was at my “peak” playing university rugby in my early 20’s. I sometimes have to wear a pad when I train because I pee my pants when I jump/squat or sneeze but I do not let it stop me. I may be older then I wish I was, and older then most of the people in the class… but there are older people then me training at my crossfit gym. It’s never too late to start something new.

#6. You have kids

Another good excuse.


You can bring your kids to Crossfit with you. Not only do you not have to pay for childcare, but you can be a great example for them. My kids LOVE the Crossfit gym. As long as they aren’t in anyone’s way they can climb ropes, play on the rings, wrestle on the mats etc… One of the owners at my gym just had a baby. She trains with me while the baby sleeps happily. Having kids is a GREAT excuse though.

I have incorporated my kids into my workouts. I use them as weights. Tom asks me daily “Can you Turkish Gettup me?”

The real truth about Crossfit.

It isn’t for everyone. Their is a certain “type” of person who likes this type of workout and some people who don’t.

I don’t like golfing. It isn’t for me. We all have our “thing”. The point I am trying to make is simple…

If you are at a point in your life where you want more from your training. You are bored with your old routine, or feel you have peaked and have hit a plateau. If you like to train with a trainer who can push you to your limit and like to train with people like you… It wouldn’t hurt to try Crossfit.

Don’t knock it until you try it.

I used to…

Oh… and if you do decide to try it and you live in the Ottawa area… Try Crossfit Bytown.






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