Don’t be an a**hole

“If one oversteps the bounds of moderation, the greatest pleasures cease to please” -Epictetus

The other day I found a good way to define my personality. I called myself an over-blanker. You can replace “blanker” with many different words; eater, exerciser, thinker, worrier, achiever. I seem to “over” everything. Or at least I try to…

As I go through life I have learned to moderate… or at least try. Sometimes it comes naturally, which I really have to work hard for,  and sometimes by mistake (i.e. injury).

Last summer I worked with Nutritionist extraordinaire Summer Innanen. Well, didn’t work with her per se, but she spoke at the Agatsu’s Masters of Movement. She promotes the eating of “real food” but also understands that there are times to celebrate with some stuff off the “naughty list”… sugar, alcohol (my favorite), baked goods… but not to be an a**hole about it.


The first glass of wine (or insert favorite food for the non-drinkers) the first sip (or bite) or two makes you feel warm and fuzzy… but if you take it to the extreme… and binge on said item or gulp it down and don’t take the time to really enjoy it you will not only regret it, you will make the excess amount forgettable.

Don’t be an a**hole.

Take what you need.

We live in a world of excess. Too much food. Too much stuff… and we can have it ALL instantly… but it doesn’t mean we need it.

In this instalife, we are sometimes caught just going through the motions because we are so busy. Things to do (I guess that’s why we need everything instantly). We don’t take enough time to enjoy the good great things that life brings us. Whether its food, or drink or good conversation or time with another human… we need to learn to enjoy the moment. Be there.

The other day I read a whole story to my son while thinking of something else, making lists in my head while words came out of my mouth. I caught myself in that moment and started enjoying the quiet moment (ok the story was boring and I had read it one million and one times) with my boy in his warm bed. The lists can wait… so can facebook, or work or your fantasy football pool.

So that is my holiday message to you.

Don’t be an a**hole.

Take what you need. Be present.

Give people (and your food and alcohol) the best gift you can give them… your time and 100% undivided attention.

Because NO ONE remembers their 6th drink,  EVERYONE regrets eating too many (insert food here) and we all know what it feels like to get someone’s undivided attention.

About fitlikemia

Trying to live a balanced life to the extreme.
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