Can people really change?

When I was a kid I had the same thing written in my report card under the comments, “Mia gets easily distracted”. I’m pretty sure every year this was the only comment that I got… other then my grade 4 year with Mrs. Robyn. Remember her? The flaming red lips, dark hair and dark evil looks? I just got shivers. Off topic.

When I was a kid I was also the one to get my allowance and spend it. Immediately. No saving. No waiting. Right away. Not only that I would spend it on junk food. I still remember the bike rides to the Provisoir. Ringolos, gummy worms, Crunchie bar and juice in a bag. The worse part about this was that I would bike to the school yard afterwards and eat in all in secret. Partially cause I knew my mom wouldn’t approve of me spending my money immediately and also because it was all junk food.

I would sit on the swings and guiltily (I don’t know if thats a word but I’m trying to prove a point) eat ALL the food that I spent ALL my money on. Then go home and blatently LIE about it. Sometimes I would bring my little sister as an accomplice but most time this was something I did on my own that I felt really guilty about. I also used to steal my dad’s stash of sweets and FLINESTONE VITAMINS by the handful.

I was a competitive gymnast and a super active kid. Never had a weight problem… just a bingeing problem. And maybe a sugar addiction. But as I’ve lived through my life I realize that it is more then that. It is a problem with impulse control.

Just call me good times Charlie.

Impulse control problems in combination with a desperate need to people please makes for a super fun/toxic combo. As I have grown older and my priorities have changed I have desperately tried to change this. Eating well, training hard and being an example to my kids. But when the going gets tough, I regress back to my default mode.

Luckily I have a good head on my shoulders, and people in my life who have taught me how to make the right choices. It is SUPER important to me to eat well, to not go overboard with drinking and to lead a healthy lifestyle. And to live within a budget and even save money for the future. But it is never easy. I work HARD to live this life.

Working on your weaknesses

I always tell my students at the gym that they need to work on their weaknesses as well as their strengths. We LOVE to do what we love, but have a hard time working on our weaknesses. But what we have to remember is that sometimes our weaknesses are masking our power. If you ignore your weaknesses you will never uncover your true potential.

Some things that come naturally to me, will not to you and vice versa (all you runners out there).

But you need to know what your goals are and keep on trying. Working on yourself, your strengths as well as your weaknesses. This applies to all aspects of life.

So to answer my own question, can people change?

For sure.

But some things need more work then others. And if you truly believe that you can and truly believe that it is worth it then you will. Well, you can never transform into a unicorn, nor can you turn your weaknesses into your strengths. I believe that with consistant work and a belief in yourself you can minimize your weaknesses. As you push through you will become stronger and they will slowly be less and less of an issue.

“Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them” – Albert Einstein

I know what I want for myself. I do not want to be the kid feeling guilty sitting alone on the swings eating candy. I don’t want to be distracted. I have come a long way from those days in the school yard but I know that there is consistant work to be done to improve. The first step is accepting yourself for who you are and not make excuses for your behavior. If you identify a weakness that needs help then never give up on making those changes in your life. Eventually it will get easier (or at least believe it will).

We are only limited by our own beliefs. Some things we can’t control but for the things we can the sky is the limit. Live your best life…

Don’t try to be perfect. Do your best and be perfectly imperfect. be better



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