One year later. 15 lbs heavier

Two weeks ago I did a photo shoot to prove a point.

I wanted to prove that the scale is not a good way to track progress.

Since starting Crossfit in March of 2013 I have gained 15 lbs. I have also gained the following:

Decreased my 5 km running time by 3 minutes.
Increased both my clean and jerk and snatch by more then 100% (when I started crossfit I couldn’t snatch 75 lbs)
Relearned and performed gymnastics exercises that I could not do since I was a teenager.
Started wearing short shorts and being comfortable with my “big” legs.
Got a muscle up.
Went to Regionals.
Started coaching.
Started a kids program.
Learned to accept my body for what it is.
Stopped weighing myself and basing my self esteem on a stupid number.
Started eating for health and performance and not for weight loss.

DESA7552 DESA7291DESA7238 DESA7459

The proof is in. I have risen above the numbers on the scale and turned it into something different. Something tangible.

Never give up. You might not be there yet but your scale is not your friend. Write down your goals and make them tangible and attainable. Then write out a plan and never give up.  There are some good days and bad days. Days you want to quit. Remember your goals and keep going.

Its worth it.

About fitlikemia

Trying to live a balanced life to the extreme.
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4 Responses to One year later. 15 lbs heavier

  1. Dani says:


    You are in inspiration!

  2. Yancy Craig says:

    Great job and so thank you for sharing Mia. I am proud to be your friend and to call you Coach!

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