Conscious Reality

I Live My Life in Growing Orbits – Rainer Maria Rilke

“I live my life in growing orbits
Which move out over the things of the world
Perhaps I can never achieve the last
But that will be my attempt
I am circling around God
Around the ancient tower
And I have been circling for a thousand years
And I still don’t know if I am a falcon, or a storm, or a great song.”

This one is out there. I always know when my blog post are going to be popular. Weight loss and CrossFit etc. always gets attention. This one is not one of them. This one comes from a different place… far far away. Although I feel it might be some sort of philosophical idea that I have never read about that exists in some book somewhere.

I was thinking about consciousness. Consciousness is a weird thing when I start really thinking about it. I’ve blacked out or passed out and woken up not remembering what happened. Although everybody around me can tell me what happened. We hear stories of people dying and being revived, memory loss, Alzheimer’s.

Nothing exists to you when you lose consciousness. Albeit life goes on to all the people around you but you are no longer aware. Just like the world existed before you came, it will exist once you are gone. Or does it?

If I can’t remember what happened before I was alive and I won’t after I die then don’t I make my own reality? Without my consciousness, the world ceases to exist.

Bare with me. If anyone is still reading.

So doesn’t that mean that I am in charge of my own reality? And doesn’t that mean that in the grand scheme of things I can control and manipulate my environment as I am subconsciously the master of my life.

Am I God? Have I been all along? My thoughts and actions will be the only thing that matter when it comes to my life. Although I cannot control my external environment, the way that I act and live and think and behave all come from me. And even further, once I die this reality ceases to exist so aren’t I creating it?

If I am creating my own life then the world will cease to exist when I die.

I surrender to it all.

If I am in control of this life I will manipulate it as much as I can to make it the best life possible.

If I am God then anything is possible.

P.S. I don’t believe I am God. Well I do, but not your God. Just mine. You can have your own God, or be your own God. 

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Trying to live a balanced life to the extreme.
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2 Responses to Conscious Reality

  1. David says:

    Deep! Written with or without coffee first?

  2. fitlikemia says:

    I was drinking coffee at the time. In hindsight, some people might take the fact that I am god in wrong way. But any one that gets it will understand what I mean… Definitely not my most popular of posts… but popularity is not what I’m going for… Hope you have a great day…

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