Unleashing the Lion Within

“The rung of a ladder was never meant to rest upon, but only to hold a man’s foot long enough to enable him to put the other somewhat higher”
-Thomas Henry Huxley

When I started this blog I wanted BALANCE. I wanted to live a balanced life. I had just lost a lot of weight and wanted to maintain it. I was controlling my food, exercising like a mad woman and obsessing about every bite that went into my mouth. I embraced my vulnerabilities and wrote about them frequently in this blog. Many people admired my ability to be vulnerable in such a public domain and related to my struggles in one way or another. Then something happened. I quit being Mia.
I quit because I was tired of identifying with that person. I wanted more out of life. I realized looking back at the blog that I was cycling through the same behaviours and actions and as much as I was growing I knew for REAL CHANGE. Something big had to change.

I had to change my thinking. I had to stop thinking and writing about my vulnerabilities. I had to stop thinking and writing and talking about the thoughts and behaviours that were holding me back. I had to create the version of me that I wanted to be. I had to eat, sleep and breath her. I had to become Mia again. Changing EVERYTHING meant changing nothing but the way I thought about myself.

YOUR THOUGHTS CONTROL YOUR LIFE. I changed nothing but my thoughts and my whole life changed. This is how I did it.

Why do you get up in the morning? Is it to live or is it to get by? I decided that life was too short to “get through” another day. I became excited about my life and my goals. Even though my goals were big and the work to do was going to be hard I was excited to get up and live every day. I woke up excited to live. I refused to snooze. I set the intention to get up, brush my teeth, splash my face with water and get dressed and go about my day as if it might be my last.

I started meditating (I can see you roll your eyes). I mediated about success, about confidence, about wealth, about balance, about focus. The first week was hard but as I got into the groove I started to see changes. I was thinking differently. I didn’t give myself a choice. Every morning that’s how I began my day. Some days were harder then others. Some days the meditation was 2 minutes as my kids decided to get up, but I still took the time to breath and reflect.

This would probably be my biggest change. It may make you think about Stewart Smalley from SNL saying “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and dogone it people like me.” And guess what? It is TOTALLY like that. At first I thought it was RIDICULOUS but I did it anyways. At first I read affirmations from the internet. Just google affirmations. Then as got comfortable I started writing out affirmations about success, health, wealth, self confidence. I thought of the person I wanted to be and I said the words out loud (to myself). And it worked. Things started to happen that I cannot explain. Everything about me changed.

I started to visualize what I wanted my life to look like. My perfect life. My house, my car, my well behaved kids, my successful career and the smile on my face. Whatever I wanted, I visualized. My goals and dreams coming true. And they did.

What I have come to realize while I have been absent from the blogosphere is that YOU CREATE YOUR LIFE. Albeit you cannot control the outside world, you can control your thoughts and actions on a daily basis. You can choose how to think, and how to act, and how to react to people and situations in your life. You can choose to be miserable, you can choose to give up, or you can choose to live. You can choose to be WHOEVER YOU WANT TO BE. You are not your life situation. Stop waiting for tomorrow to change. When you get thinner, or less busy, or you have more money, or more time. Live your life now.
It doesn’t matter how many times you have failed. Try again. The more you have failed the more you have tried. Try again with a different mindset this time.
My mission in life is to help people. My mission in life is to wake you up, shake you up and show you how beautiful life can be. It isn’t always going to be easy, but it is going to be worth it.
By changing my mindset I unleashed my inner lion. The lion that has been inside me the whole time but had been covered in sheep skin. The sheep was my armour protecting me from harm. My past failures and my life experiences created the sheepskin and through time I became comfortable and warm in there. Removing the armour and living the life of a lion is SCARY and UNCOMFORTABLE. I could fail. I could get hurt. And I might… but that is the chance I need to take to reach for the stars, think big, and live my life to the fullest.

“Don’t fear big. Fear mediocrity. Fear Waste. Fear the lack of living to your fullest. When we fear big we either consciously or unconsciously work against it. We either run toward lesser outcomes and opportunities or we simply run away from big ones. If courage isn’t the absence of fear but moving past it then thinking big isn’t the absence of doubts, but moving past them. Only living big will let you experience your true life and work potential”
THE ONE THING by Gary Keller.

There is more to come my friends… STAY TUNED…

Life has just gotten REAL INTERESTING… DAH DAH DAH (insert mysterious deep voice saying that)

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Trying to live a balanced life to the extreme.
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4 Responses to Unleashing the Lion Within

  1. David says:

    Awesome!! Keeping me inspired! I’ve heard that before but let me tell you never like the way you explain it. It just all made sense to me and I feel rejuvenated. Thanks again!

  2. fitlikemia says:

    A great book to read is The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod and another would be The One Thing by Gary Keller… both very inspirational… Remember you create your life. You can make it anything you want it to be!!!

  3. I love it! Glad to be in B-School learning with and from you, this is SO needed!

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