Time for a reset? Again?


How stuffed are you from Easter? I sure feel like a stuffed bunny. No regrets. No guilt. There is nothing better then spending time with my family, indulging on wine and chocolate. I even brought my sister to her first CrossFit class. This weekend was EPIC.
This is usually the day were I used to go HAM. Clean up my act. Start over. Reset. But I don’t do that anymore (thanks partly to Summer Innannen, who’s name has more n’s then e’s in mine KAKEBEEKE.. impressive).

Well, I will… but I won’t.

You see it’s all about your mindset. For me every day is a reset. Every day my intention is to eat well, and do my best to live a healthy life. My purpose in life is to be the strongest version of myself and help find others find the strongest version of themselves. To be strong I need energy. To have energy I have to fuel my body in the best possible way. This means lots of  raw fruits and veggies, healthy fats and protein, and lots of water. This includes CARBS. And it includes wine and chocolate once in a while (cause a girl needs to live).
My intention EVERY DAY is to make the best choices. I know what makes me feel good and what makes me feel like I have a big rock in my belly. I know what gives me energy and I know what makes me want to nap all afternoon. I know that too much wine makes me want to watch too many episodes of the Mindy Project, instead of doing what I REALLY WANT TO DO, which is build my business to help people become the strongest versions of themselves.

I make choices, not rules.

I choose health. I don’t cheat on myself when I make NO COMMITMENT to any “diet”. I am free to pick and choose any food I want, if I so choose with ZERO guilt. I may not be committed to a DIET but I am committed to my HEALTH.

All that today to say that I will be trading the chocolate bunnies for some better choices today, because I feel like I might deliver some baby bunnies…

But I am also delivering SOMETHING ELSE!!!!


I am officially launching my new website www.coachmia.com. I will continue blogging from HERE from now on. I will also be starting launching some motivational videos (and potentially dancing videos) and I am on the verge of finishing my first e-book (or can we just call them books now?). If you sign up for my website right now I will set you up with my KICKSTART GUIDE TO THE STRONGEST VERSION OF YOU. You will also get updates and heads ups on my videos and blogs (and for sure will see some of my dance moves).

*** When you subscribe the confirmation email sometimes goes to the “Junk” folder. IT IS NOT JUNK! You need to confirm your email before you get my news… And if you don’t hear from me for 24 hours after you subscribe something went wrong. Email me directly to let me know miathecoach@gmail.com***


Just an FYI to Ottawa residents. I have officially opened my B.U.F.F. training which will begin the week of May 11th.


If you struggle with bodyweight exercises and cardio fitness and recovery (i.e. suck at running, especially running fast), and love to be outside then you might want to check it out HERE. It runs for 7 weeks and is a good little addition to your “regularly scheduled programming” as it is less then 12$/session.

I realize that lots of you are on the other side of the world. I really wish you could join us as well… but back and forth could get a little PRICEY!


Thanks for listening! If I wanted you to remember ONE THING about this post it would be this:


Don’t wait until tomorrow. Start now. It’s on YOU.

Live in congruence with who you want to be. And if you need help… you now know where to find ME.

With Gratitude, Love and Belief in YOU,

Coach Mia

About fitlikemia

Trying to live a balanced life to the extreme.
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